What is robbing so many of the famous pop singers of their voice - Adele, Celine Dion and many others

Saturday, January 27, 2018 by Angela Sommer | Uncategorized

This article scares me as a voice teacher.  Many of my students look to these singers as role models.  And then the article says that they turn to the doctor's office and have steroids injected into their vocal chords.  

The best remedy for a singer is to find and work with a GOOD voice teacher and develop good singing technique.  Only then can an artist deal with years of singing on and off stage.  Singers need to understand that one does not simply get up one day and is a star singer.  It takes years of training and practicing (conditioning) to be able to develop good technique and be strong enough to be a professional singer.  And it will have to be GOOD technique that is learned.  
I often cringe when I watch famous singers on stage.  I feel sorry for them, because I can see what they are doing and I know where it will eventually end up.  

There is NO fast track way.  It all takes time and dedication.  

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