Piano Workshop

Price dependent on length of workshop and number of participants
3-6 students per class.
Prerequisites:   Rudimentary piano and theory skills
Materials will be provided by the instructor and customized to the group that is attending.

The workshop can cover the following:

  • Improvisation using Chord patterns
  • Fakebooks and Leadsheets
  • Playing with a sound track
  • Keyboarding with rhythms, voices and percussion
  • Scales, Chords, Pop, Blues and Jazz styles
  • Accompaning a singer and more.


Vocal Workshop

Price dependent on length of workshop and number of participants
No experience required
Prerequisite: none.
Materials will be provided by the instructor.
All exercises are recorded as practice sessions on the CD
The workshop can cover the following:

  • Basics of singing: Tone, Breathing, Posture, Vocal exercises, Resonance, Diction and more
  • Modern singing techique:  Licks, Trills, Bends, Fall-offs, Scoops
  • Freestyling, Scat Singing
  • Microphone technique
  • Harmony  
  • Performance technique, Connecting with your audience and more


Special Music for Special Events

Dinner Music
Background Music
Special Events
Performance Cost:
$ 120 for the first hour
$   95 for each additional hour
plus practice time at $46 per hour
Classical, Pop, Jazz, Easy Listening, Musical Theatre and Broadway Numbers
Ask me, I probably have it.



$46 for each hour of practice
$20 per piece performed on stage
Flat rates as above for longer performances

Angelkeys Music Studio    


Phone: 250-305-4784


Music Lessons

Piano, Voice, Recorder Lessons
Classical, Musical Theatre,
Jazz, Modern, Pop, Opera
Music Theory
Improvisation, Skype Lessons
Group Sessions, Workshops
Choirs and Vocal Groups

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Studio Locations: 

150 Mile House BC
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549 Carson Dr.

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