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I believe Music is a key to our innermost being. There are many music styles and every musician has different preferences. Being a good musician is not limited to one particular style or method. Therefore I teach many different music styles and use a variety of methods to allow my students to progress to be the best they can possibly be.  Teaching music does not only include musical literacy and musicianship but also universal life skills like team work, discipline, compassion, joy and tenacity.

I will gladly meet with you and develop a plan to help you achieve your personal goals and dreams. There is no request too insignificant and music is part of who we all are.
After 25 years of teaching I have yet to see someone who couldn't improve their skills in singing, playing the piano and the recorder or public speaking.
Our mind is our greatest obstacle. Don't let it stop you.

Remember, Music is all about the journey, not the goal.  Enjoy it!

Angela Sommer

Studio Locations:

Studio:  Mondays and Tuesdays at 3244 Davison Rd 150 Mile House                                                                         

St. Peter's Anglican Church:  Wednesday’s, Thursdays and Fridays at 549 Carson Dr. Williams Lake


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Phone: 250-305-4784


Music Lessons

Piano, Voice, Recorder Lessons
Classical, Musical Theatre,
Jazz, Modern, Pop, Opera
Music Theory
Improvisation, Skype Lessons
Group Sessions, Workshops
Choirs and Vocal Groups

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Studio Locations: 

150 Mile House BC
3244 Davison Rd

Williams Lake, BC
549 Carson Dr.

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